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Nightcap Series

death of an illusionist

A grand illusion mystery dinner show



DATES : limited run ***Sept 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

the show is only running on Saturday nights on the mentioned dates above.  any reservation made outside these dates  will have no shows running during your visit.

The theme of the Show

the show " death of an illusionist" is the first chapter of the Nightcap Series.

it is a grand illusion mystery dinner show. you will travel back in time to the early 1800s  to witness the tale of the illusionist who performed, loved and died at escape hotel. you will witness the greatest illusions, magic and mentalism while enjoying a 5 course tasting menu and delicious classic cocktails.  

The Nightcap Series is a live mystery show that is a collection of tales told by the characters who once lived or stayed at the escape hotel throughout the centuries. witness these stories by traveling back in time  and see all the tales unfold in front of your eyes.

show schedule

There are 3 time slots available for reservations each day : 6pm, 8pm, 10 pm

reservation starts from the time of the reservation and will last until 10 minutes before next show time

***strict schedule*** 

- first 30 minutes ( 2 courses are served)

- 1st break ( another 2 courses are served)

- 2nd and final break before the end ( dessert is served)

 courses and any other items will be served only in the first 30 minutes and in the breaks as the show can not be interrupted.

because of the timing of the show, being late can affect serving and

we can not guarantee that all courses will be served in case guests arrive late . 

99 $ per person for a Dinner & 1 hour  show 

the following is included in the package:

  • table reservation for 2 hours

  • 1 appetizer

  • 1 main course

  • 1 dessert

  • 1 alcoholic beverage (*applies for drinks with a menu value of up to 20 dollars)  ( can be replaced with any other menu item of up to 20 dollars

  • *taxes , service charge and gratuity will be added to the 120 $ at check out.

NOTE: if the consumption exceeds your package , any additional item will be added to the final bill at the time of your visit. ( bills can be split )

how to reserve my tickets?

when you reserve, you will be directed to opentable booking platform.  please look for "experiences" and select "Grand Illusion mystery dinner show"  with the correct party size, date and time slots.

Read package details and menu  before reserving

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