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Havana Nights at Room 13 - a vintage latin-american dinner show

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DATES : febr 4, 11, 18, 25 & March 4, 11, 18, 25

the "Havana night" is only running on Saturday nights on the mentioned dates above.

any reservation made outside these dates is regular dining and there will be no havana shows running during your visit.

show time : 45 minutes with a 1 hr 45 min reservation

There are 3 time slots available for reservations : 6pm, 8pm, 10 pm

each reservation grants you a table for 1 hour 45 minutes , the live show is 45 minutes


how to reserve my tickets?

The Havana Nights offer a limited but delicious menu, please check our menu selection below, before reserving

when you reserve, you will be directed to opentable booking platform.  please look for "experiences" and select the correct  date and time slots.

Read package details and menu  before reserving

120 $ per person for a Dinner & 45 min live show 

the following is included in the package:

  • table reservation for 1 hour 45 minutes

  • 35$ admission fee waived

  • 1 appetizer / person or 1 charcuterie board to share/table

  • 1 main course / person

  • 1 alcoholic beverage (*applies for drinks with a menu value of up to 20 dollars)  ( can be replaced with any other menu item of up to 20 dollars

  • 1 dessert / person

  • 1 round of house shots if attire matches old havana or 1920's style

  • *taxes , service charge and gratuity will be added to the 120 $ at check out.

NOTE: if the consumption exceeds your package , any additional item will be added to the final bill at the time of your visit. ( bills can be split )

LATE ARRIVALS or NO-SHOWS: your reservation starts from the reservation time, not the time of arrival. 

if you arrive later than 15 minutes from your reservation time,  full dinner service will not be able to be fulfilled, as each reservation has a time limit, and there will be other reservations arriving afterwards.

if you miss your reservation or show up late, there will be no discounts or refunds possible. 

how to reserve? - make sure you book an "experience" package and not regular dining 

  • click on the "Book Now" button, you will be directed to opentable. ( third party booking platform)

  • please make sure to select the "experiences" tab on opentable and choose a package option.​​( admission package, or dinner & show package).

  • select the correct party size, date and time slot for this particular show, as anything outside these dates and before 8pm, will not be a valid reservation for any of the shows, as the shows do not run outside the mentioned dates above

  • when you complete your reservation, you will be charged the the full amount for the entire group and the payment can not be split on opentable. 

  • when the reservation is successful, you will receive a confirmation. with your package details.

maximum party size 

  • the maximum party size : 8 ( there are no exceptions, as we can not accommodate larger groups with a view to the show. if your party is bigger than 8, you  have the possibility to reserve multiple tables separately, but there is no guarantee that the tables will be next to each other, close, or will connect in any way)


  • please check your confirmation, as regular dining reservations also receive a confirmation email ,it does not mean that it is valid for a show. 

  • if you received a regular confirmation with no package details, it means you booked for regular dining and there will be no show during your visit, therefore you were not charged for neither of the packages.

  • A valid confirmation will show your correct date and time and your package details with the amount that was pre-charged.


  • please keep on mind, reservations for regular dining also require a credit card entry ( cancellation policy), simply putting your credit card details does not mean that you are booking for any of our shows. the shows are always pre-paid, and you will see the amount being due at the time of check-out and charged on your account.

  • when you are booking for regular dining, there will be no amount due at check -out and no amount will be charged to your card, unless there is a no show or a last minute cancellation. in this case we charge a 15$ fee per person after you missed your reservation. 

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